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Storing Files In The Cloud
While many people all ready know and have used cloud storage, other less computer savvy people may not have heard of the term or having heard of it may have little idea of what it is or how it works. While the term cloud storage may seem somewhat mysterious it really isn't that mysterious at all. It simply means storing your computer files at a distant location maintained by a third party. The internet connects you to the remote data base.

Benefits Of Cloud Storage
If you have used a computer for any length of time you know how quickly those files build up on your computer. You also know that it only takes one crash and all those files are gone forever. This means that you need to have your files backed up. That for many people means discs or other storage methods. This is where storing you files in the cloud is beneficial.

First, because you don't have store anything physically so your not going to have heaps of discs stacked around your computer to have to sort through when you want a specific file. Second, because with cloud storage you can access any file from anywhere with internet connection. You don't have to be on a certain computer or even a computer at all. You can access that file using a iphone or other device.

How Do I Know My Files Are Safe Using The Cloud
The companies who run the cloud database facilities base their reputations on the security and reliability of their sites. If they can't keep your files secure then they simply aren't going to get any business so they use a variety of security measures to keep your documents safe including: encryption, authentication, and authorization. You decide who can see your files and how much of the files each person can see. Those people then need to have a valid user name and password, and encryption key to view any information in your files.

You Are Probably Already Using Cloud Storage And Don't Even Know It
The chances are if you have an email account or post pictures on facebook you have used cloud storage without even knowing it as companies like Yahoo and G mail store messages on their own servers. While some cloud data centers only store emails, or photos others store all kinds of documents.

If you want to try storing some files in the cloud there are a number of sites that allow you some free storage space. Dropbox is probably the most well known but, there are other sites like, cloud me,, SkyDrive and many other sites.

Storing files on the cloud is safe, reliable and convenient.

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